Why learn a language?

WHY should you learn a language?

Because you HAVE TO is reason number one, you say.

For grades, for your paretns, teachers, tests, exam results…


These are important reasons, sure, but…

Have you ever found it USEFUL? In everyday life, while travelling, surfing the net, watching a film? Have you ever met anyone interesting thanks to the fact that you can speak English?


Language is your WINDOW to the world.


But you must OPEN it first.

If you study a language:

  • You get to know other cultures.
  • Your memory and analytical skills improve (=become better)
  • You become a creative person
  • Your Polish improves too (really)
  • You get better education and jobs in the future
  • Give me other reasons:)



learn – uczyć się

language – język 

reason – powód

important – ważny

have to – musieć

useful – użyteczny

get to know – poznawać



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