All about Kacey

You’ve been nagging me to add a post about my dog so here it is!

This is Kacey, she’s 8, she’s my best friend. Kacey is an Alsatian or a German Shepherd Dog. She’s very clever and obedient. She knows a lot of words so be careul! She can often understand what you are talking about!

Kacey loves:

  • running with me (even if it’s freezing cold)
  • playing with a ball (don’t give her yours, she’ll destroy it)
  • carrots, apples, cucumbers (really)
  • her toys
  • waking me up in the morning

Kacey hates:

  • people who are aggressive, impolite or drunk
  • staying at home alone (sometimes she has to)
  • dogs that bark too much.

Now, tell me about your pet 🙂

Alsatian, German Shepherd Dog – owczarek niemiecki

clever – mądry, inteligentny; sprytny

obedient – posłuszny

word – słowo

understand – rozumieć

freezing – mroźnie

destroy – niszczyć

impolite – niegrzeczny

bark – szczekać


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