It’s winter! Stay safe.

Let’s go out, it’s snowing outside! Don’t tell me you don’t like winter. It’s my second favourite season (summer is still number one:)

What can you do in winter time? Here are some ideas for those glued to the computer screen.

  • skiing or cross country skiing (find an instructor if you’re starting)
  • snowfights (remember, DON’T throw hard snow or ice balls at your friends!)
  • making a snowman
  • skating (but NOT on frozen lakes!)
  • sleighing (safe areas only, no roads)
  • running (I do it even if it’s -20 degrees;)
  • making a snow angel
  • playing with your dog

And lots more:)

skiing – narciarstwo

cross country skiing – narciarstwo biegowe

season – pora roku

snowfight – bitwa na śnieżki

ice – lód

skating – łyżwiarstwo

sleighing – jazda na sankach

degrees – stopnie



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