Keep a healthy diet

Here are some basic rules that will help you keep a healthy diet.

  • Always eat breakfast. It’s the most important meal which gives you energy for the day. Have some sandwiches, a bowl of cereal, a cup of tea.
  • Don’t eat sweets, eat fruit. Your body probably needs some sugar if you want a candy. Just have an apple, a pear, or even a carrot. Yummy!
  • Drink water. Did you know that fizzy drinks like coke or sprite have lots of salt and sugar in them? You don’t want that, do you? Yuk!
  • Use butter or olive oil, no margarine which is very bad for your brain.
  • Don’t eat after 8 p.m. Your stomach wants a break too.

basic rules – podstawowe zasady

important – ważny

cereal – płatki

fruit – owoce

vegatables – warzywa

fizzy drinks – napoje gazowane

butter – masło 

olive oil – oliwa z oliwek

brain – mózg

stomach – żołądek

break – przerwa

Watch this video to find out more:



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