Bison Centre in Pszczyna

A few days ago I visited Bison Centre in Pszczyna. It’s a farm for species such as European bison,  mouflons, red deer, fallow deer, wild ducks or Indian peafowl.

It’s a fantastic place for people who love watching animals. Let’s look at some photos:

1. The fallow deer. They’re usually brown but white fur is quite common. A white animal is called an albino.


2. Red deer (male deer lose their antlers at the end on the winter). There’s also a mouflon. Can you see it?


3. The bisons were quite shy. They were hiding in their shed all the time and I couldn’t get very close. But I managed to take a photo from a distance of around 25 metres.  Did you know that bison is an endangered species?


4. And finally, the beautiful Indian peafowl. This lucky guy can walk free around the farm!


It’s a good idea to visit Pszczyna and its Bison Centre during the weekend. Here’s the map and the address.

species – gatunek

endangered – zagrożony

fur – futro

antlers – poroże



One thought on “Bison Centre in Pszczyna

  1. Nice site! I hope You’ll visit other interesting places around Silesia, like Palm House in Gliwice or Egzotarium in Sonsnowiec 😉


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