Q: What is Erasmus+?

A: It’s an international program that enables individuals to travel and learn abroad. You can find more information here 

Q: Who can participate in Erasmus+ projects?

A: Schools that apply for and obtain funds from Erasmus+ Agency.

Q: What is the name of our school project?

A: It’s Second language and ICT in teaching young learners.

Q: Who will take part in the project and what activities are planned?

A: 10 teachers will travel abroad to take part in specialist courses. They will go to Brighton in the UK for two weeks to improve their English and teaching skills. Other teachers will take English and computer courses here in Poland.

Q: How will our school benefit?

A: In lots of ways! Some include:

  • students will learn English in subjects such as Science or Maths,
  • students will use advanced computer applications in the classroom,
  • younger children will feel better and more comfortable at school,
  • teachers will improve their English,
  • teachers will become experts on Information & Communication Technology,
  • we’ll teach younger students more effectively (especially 6-year-olds),
  • we’ll find out new ways of teaching students with problems such as dyslexia, autism or ADHD.


international – międzynarodowy

enable – umożliwiać

abroad – za granicą

participate / take part – uczestniczyć

apply – złożyc aplikację, ubiegać się

gain funds – zdobyć fundusze

language – język

improve your skills – doskonalić swoje umiejętności

benefit – korzystać

Science – nauka; przyroda (przedmiot szkolny)

advanced – zaawansowane


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