Nature is closer than you think!

Our school garden is undergoing a true metamorphosis this year and it’s all thanks to Mr Labuszka’s and his students’ work. Mr Damian Labuszka, our teacher of English, is a true gardening specialist, he knows so much about flowers, herbs and trees!

Mrs Elżbieta Baron-Magaj, our Science teacher, is the person who originated the idea and created our school garden some years ago. We can always turn to her as a source of knowledge if we have any doubts. We’ll need her expertise and experience now because this year we’re starting a new school project: Nature around us. 

When you look behind the playground you’ll see some new plants such as euphorbia cyparissiasphysaliszinnia or cosmos. We also have herbs: lemon balm, thyme and oregano. What’s more, our students are going to grow some vegetables there (I can’t wait).

There are more plants in our classrooms, too. It’s making us feel much more relaxed… I actually think we learn more quickly, understand more and can concentrate for a longer period of time when we’re surrounded by nature.


We’re trying to learn the names of the plants in English. We have orchises, an aechmea fasciata, an oxalis triangularis, a flamingo flower and many more!

to undergo a metamorphosis – przechodzić zmiany, metamorfozę

herbs – zioła

trees – drzewa

plants – rośliny 

to originate – zapoczątkować

source of knowledge – źródło wiedzy

expertise – wiedza specjalistycza

experience – doświadczenie

doubts – wątpliwości

surrounded by.. – otoczony przez…


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