Martial arts!

I’m absolutely CRRRRRRAZY about martial arts!

As a child I did some fencing, then I switched to kyokushin karate and recently I’ve started doing systema. Quite a mixture, isn’t it?

This is why I think martial arts are an awesome obsession free time activity:

  • You learn how to defend yourself and your family/friends.
  • You develop your strength and endurance.
  • You find ways to FOCUS your mind.
  • You meet fantastic people.
  • You are much more coordinated than as awerage person.
  • You shorten your reaction time.
  • You become better at other (unrelated) things (e.g. driving a car, learning a language). Really!
  • You know how to look and feel confident.
  • You are much braver.
  • You become a balanced person (psychologically and physically).
  • You have something to do in the evenings (other than play computer games).
  • Your boyfriend/girlfriend feels safe when you’re around.
  • People respect you.
  • You learn to respect other people.
  • You know what discipline is.
  • You have lots of FUN.

Should I continue? Talk to me in person and I’ll give you a hundred more.

In case you think I’m an absolute geek who can’t see the dark side…

There are some drawbacks as well:

  • You make movements you can’t control, e.g. you switch the light off with a block you practised last evening.
  • If you slip and fall, you land with a perfect roll.
  • You keep standing in strange positions (e.g. in a crowded bus) which may look funny.
  • People think you’re mad because you always count in Japanese/Chinese/Russian/etc.
  • You open your bathroom door with a kick.
  • Your family say you fight with your pillow at night.
  • Your neightbours hear suspicious sounds.

Don’t worry, they just don’t understand 😉

Interested? Switch your computer/tablet/smartphone/whatever off NOW and start moving! Check out the possibilities in your town and try them out.



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