Enneagram test

I don’t like categorising people very much (including myself), but this test is quite intriguing. I found it online a few years ago and remembered it just yesterday while listening to a podcast.

The word enneagram comes for the Greek words ennéa, meaning “nine” and grámma, meaning something “written” or “drawn”.

According to the authors of this test, there are nine personality types: 1) reformer, 2)helper, 3)achiever, 4)individualist, 5)investigator, 6)loyalist, 7)enthusiast, 8)challenger and 9)peacemaker.

I’m a 5w4 (an investigator with individualistic tendencies). I like independence and I won’t let anyone take it away from me.

The interesting thing is, a couple of years have passed since I first took the test and the results are still the same. It seemed to me I changed so much!!!

Here’s the test:


ENNEAGRAM (Polish version)

Have fun, don’t ignore the results and don’t take them too seriously either.


including – łącznie z

independence – niezależność



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