Useful websites for teachers

Teachers, you might find some of these websites helpful!

  1. Create beautiful leaflets and posters for school competitions and events with Poster my wall, a website with quite a few free templates.
  2. Use Kahoot or Quizizz to create fantastic competitions! (Warning: it’s going to be a noisy lesson).
  3. Make creative videos with Stupeflix.
  4. Toondoo, world’s fastest way to create cartoons, is a great way to motivate kids and make them use their creative potential.
  5. If you need a free photo editor or collage maker, visit Pizap.
  6. Remake images and use them in the classroom. Bloggif will help you with that.
  7. I use LearningApps all the time to teach vocabulary, grammar, reading, basically any new materials.
  8. Word clouds are fantastic, and there are numerous ways you can use them in the classroom. Tagxedo is a good cloud maker you can use for free.
  9. Share your presentations with students via Slideshare. 

In the meantime, enjoy your summer holidays! Relax, relax and relax to boost your energy for the next school year.





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