Philip Pullman’s trilogy

His Dark Materials is a fantasy trilogy by the English writer Philip Pullman. The trilogy consists of the following titles:

Northern Lights (1995, published as The Golden Compass in North America)

The Subtle Knife (1997)

The Amber Spyglass  (2000)

I love fantasy books, and this one really moves my imagination. Of course, you can watch the film The Golden Compass with Nicole Kidman, which is ok, by it will never give you the feeling of the atmosphere you experience while actually reading the novels. The parallel universes, people living with their dæmons (≈souls) outside their bodies, the existence of Dust, the community and culture of Gyptians, the magical Golden Compass… all that creates the mood of the places and characters in the novel. The plot is vivid and rich in unexpected events and the countless people and creatures are just amazing.

I’ll give you a short synopsis of the plot, without details, I don’t want to spoil the fun.

In Northern Lights  we meet Lyra, an energetic young girl, who lives in Jordan College, a kind of institution where she’s brought up as an orphan. She settles on a journey to rescue a friend of hers who she believes was kidnapped. The plot moves to the frozen and hostile climate of the Arctic where she discovers a horrifying truth…

We meet Lyra again in The Subtle Knife, where she befriends a young man from a parallel universe. Will, her new friend, is determined to find his mother and take her to a safe place, as well as find out why and under what kind of circumstances his father disappeared from his life.

The Amber Spyglass Will is trying to find and save Lyra (who has been kidnapped in the previous novel) with the help of two angels. Will intends to return to Lyra her alethiometer, or the Golden Compass, which can reveal the truth about the world.

I really recommend the trilogy to kids and adults alike. The picturesque landscapes you can imagine while reading, the unconventional alternative reality, the characters… there are lots of things that make these books an exceptional reading experience.

consist of – składać się z

northern lights – zorza polarna

soul – dusza

dust – pył

plot – fabuła

kidnap – porywać

circumstances – okoliczności


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