Postcrossing is a project that allows you to send and receive postcards from all over the world. The important thing is that they are TRADITIONAL postcards, not online ones 🙂 My students from class 5A have been participating in the project from some time and I must say they are really excited every time they … More Postcrossing

Enneagram test

I don’t like categorising people very much (including myself), but this test is quite intriguing. I found it online a few years ago and remembered it just yesterday while listening to a podcast. The word enneagram comes for the Greek words ennĂ©a, meaning “nine” and grámma, meaning something “written” or “drawn”. According to the authors of this … More Enneagram test

Martial arts!

I’m absolutely CRRRRRRAZY about martial arts! As a child I did some fencing, then I switched to kyokushin karate and recently I’ve started doing systema. Quite a mixture, isn’t it? This is why I think martial arts are an awesome obsession free time activity: You learn how to defend yourself and your family/friends. You develop your … More Martial arts!

All about Kacey

You’ve been nagging me to add a post about my dog so here it is! This is Kacey, she’s 8, she’s my best friend. Kacey is an Alsatian or a German Shepherd Dog. She’s very clever and obedient. She knows a lot of words so be careul! She can often understand what you are talking … More All about Kacey